Each month I'll write a bit about a cassette in my collection! Give it a listen and read on, if it sounds like something you might like - make sure to check out their bandcamp! Also, if you'd like to recommend a tape to me, leave me a comment on my guestbook!

May 2022 - Teenage Halloween

This month I'm listening to Teenage Halloween's self titled album. Teenage Halloween are a lively folk punk band from New Jersey, USA. I almost got to see them this month but due to circumstances (ahem covid) their tour in my part of the world got cancelled/postponed, which is really too bad. Hopefully I'll be able to see them one day though!

Teenage Halloween's song focus mostly on the struggles we as queer folks face daily. I found many of their lyrics relatable, and set to some folky-power punk sound, I found myself relistening to their album many many times when I first discovered it! Their cassette was always close at hand, and it still is when I'm not sure what I wanna hear.

I've also listened to some of their other albums, notably their split with The Homeless Gospel Choir - I'll have to check out their band a bit more and see what they have to offer as well!

Overall, I think this album is great and meaningful - certainly with pride month coming so soon and corporations trying to sell us our pride back to us. It reminds me of the every day fights we face and how they can be overcome through solidarity, mutaul aid and community, not by buying rainbow flags from Target or wherever. As their bandcamp page says - fuck the government fuck the police