Alf's Tape Deck

This little website is dedicated to retro tech, toys and fashion - everything from vintage jackets to cassettes! The J Card page has different sections highlighting my interests - fashion, retro tech and root beer. The mixtape page has monthly cassette blurbs. This website is also an attempt at finding (or making) a cool queer retro tech online community - since I couldn't find the website or forum I wanted when deep diving into cassettes and walkmans (we get it 30y.o dudes on reddit - you miss the old days, whatever) I decided I would try to make my own site - and maybe find what I'm looking for along the way!

Unfortunately I haven't had much time or energy to work on this site (we moved twice and got sick - it sucked!) but I did have time to work on a zine that I'm quite happy with! Check it out here! Perhaps I'll make a new page for my zines if I end up making more of them!


I work as a software developer but I'm also a retro tech enthusiast who is constantly learning and trying out new projects. The future of technology isn't as cool as it's past. I miss my tamagotchi (RIP Kuchipatchi 2004-2007). I'm an avid thrifter and garage sale browser and use those skills and my small disposable income to hunt for retro tech. I love DIY and want to get more involved creating things for fun! I have a small orange cat.

Wanna connect with me? I love making friends! Chat with me on Discord

Or leave me a comment on my guestbook!


  • Crystal Pepsi Trail Game - A short 10 min 90s themed game that pays tribute to both Oregon Trail and Crystal Pepsi.
  • Discogs - A great website for finding physical music - vinyl, CDs and most importantly cassettes!
  • Retrospekt - A decent resource for refurbished retro tech including cassette players, walkmans and also cameras (but at a higher price)! You can find some new big name band cassettes here too, such as Beach House, Fleet Foxes even Taylor Swift and Mitski if you're into those. They have a huge selection!
  • Ebay - Yes, it's eBay! Sometimes risky getting second hand cassettes, but worth checking for a good second hand deal! Also check local listings, online classifieds, thrift stores and garage sales! You can easily score a 25cent cassette!
  • Björk - Björk has all her albums available as cassette (in a bundle but you can get them individually too) because Björk is cool and cassettes are cool. If there's an artist you like you can always check and see if there stuff is available! And if not - bootleg it!
  • Bandcamp - Bandcamp! Here's my profile, follow me and I'll follow back :) and if you don't have a Bandcamp, what are you doing? Get one! Support bands you like directly! Streaming sure doesn't!
  • Walkman Central - A good resource for anything Sony!
  • The Walkman Archive - This person has a large collection, fixes walkmans and takes beautiful photos. They have their own large archive - an inspiration!
  • baccyflap repair - A short and helpful repair guide that covers with the most common cassette and deck issues and how to solve them!