Each month I'll write a bit about a cassette in my collection! Give it a listen and read on, if it sounds like something you might like - make sure to check out their bandcamp! Also, if you'd like to recommend a tape to me, leave me a comment on my guestbook!

June 2022 - Bauhaus

This month I don't have the time this month to write a whole review unfortunately - so instead I've picked a classic and I'll keep this a bit short!

Bauhaus is one of the pioneers of goth rock, and they have such a great image, gloomy and dark. My wife introduced them to me, along with the whole genre of various goth rock and new wave bands. Nothing beats 9 minutes of Bela Lugosi's Dead.

It's maybe a weird choice for the upcoming nice warm weather this summer, but with a big move coming up, I find the vibes to be perfectly what I'm in the mood for. I'll also add the cassette is perfectly goth in every way!